Fremont Expression Worship Gathering

Fremont Expression Worship Gathering

North Expression Worship Gathering

North Expression Worship Gathering

West Seattle Expression Worship Gathering

West Seattle Expression Worship Gathering

Coffee served at each Sunday gathering

Coffee served at each Sunday gathering


The Hallows Church is an adult-friendly, kid-friendly, question-friendly community of people who live, work or study in the greater Seattle area. What draws our people from different nations, backgrounds and life stages together? In short, Jesus Christ. Together we believe that life flourishes when we grow in a worshipping relationship with Jesus and compassionate relationships with one another. What if you don’t yet know what you believe about Jesus? You’re welcome at any of our Sunday worship gatherings where you will be able to hear, see, experience and study the claims of Jesus with others, and meet others who have had their lives changed by the good news of His life, death and resurrection. Did you know that after Jesus rose from the grave, he appeared to his disciples, and in the Bible, Matthew 28:17 says, “When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.” If you are not yet convinced of the powerfully life-changing, hope-installing message of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, please know that you are still welcome to be with us as we worship Jesus just as the early disciples did after Jesus rose from the grave.



The Hallows Church meets at three locations in the Seattle area. Click the links below for service times and more information about each location: 

Fremont Expression Gathering

West Seattle Expression Gathering

North Expression Gathering



We dress casually as we worship reverently and responsively.

Come as you are. In worship, we believe God is more concerned with the condition of a person’s heart than the pretense of a person’s appearance. Worship is a rhythm of divine revelation and human response. We follow this rhythm each week as God reveals himself through his Word and we respond with adoration, confession, appreciation, supplication, and commission.

We provide a safe, fun, Christ-centered ministry for children 2 months-old up to 5th grade. 

Our desire is that even the littlest among us would be drawn to the beauty of Christ. Children are welcome to participate in the worship gatherings with their guardians or to participate in our Kid's Ministry designed for children 2 month-olds through 5th grade. We use Gospel Project curriculum to creatively engage children with the story of redemption and to empower parents to disciple their kids through additional take-home resources. 

We proclaim Christ from all of Scripture.

We believe the Bible is essentially a book about the person and work of Jesus Christ (see Luke 24:27; John 1:45; John 5:46-47). All Scripture testifies to him and should be treasured as such. Therefore, we read, study, and reflect upon Scripture each week in an effort to explore the depths of the gospel and to identify its comprehensive claims on our lives.

We praise Christ through music and the arts. 

We worship our creative Creator through creative means. Music and the arts have a unique ability to connect with the depths of a person’s soul, which makes them both dangerous and desirable. For our community, the glory of the gospel is and forever will remain our inspirational axis. In particular, music is a meaningful medium in our worship gatherings. This is why we sing songs that marry the manifold glory of the gospel with marvelous melodies.

We point to Christ in prayer, Baptism, and Holy Communion. 

In prayer, we assume the posture of dependence as we adore our God, confess our sin, express our gratitude, and intercede on behalf of one another and the world. Prayer points to Christ because through his person and work, he reveals God’s beauty, removes our sin, graces us with the knowledge of who wisely cares for every detail of our lives, and eternally intercedes on our behalf as we intercede on behalf of others. Prayer is an integral component of our worship gatherings.

In Baptism, we point to Christ by symbolizing our identification with his life, death, and resurrection in the context of his church. We practice Baptism as frequently as necessary for persons to do so.

In Holy Communion, we point to Christ by facilitating a time for personal examination and reflection as we remember the death of Christ and anticipate his return. In so doing, the real spiritual presence of Christ ministers to our souls. The bread and cup are symbols of his body and blood that were broken and spilled out for our salvation. We practice Holy Communion as frequently as we gather together.