Our name comes from the “Lord’s Prayer” that Jesus used to teach his disciples. Hallow means to revere, set apart or hold in the highest esteem. It's a term that communicates our identity as a worshipping, missional community--a people called out to love God completely (worship) and to love people compassionately by the power of His Holy Spirit (mission).

Our Brief History In 2010, a group of Christ followers with diverse hometowns, backgrounds, careers and life stages, came together with a shared desire to explore the depths of the gospel of Jesus and its ability to transform all of life. As we continued to pray and study the Bible together, our love for God and a desire to share the hope found in the gospel grew exponentially. On February 12, 2012, we began worshipping weekly on Sundays in Fremont and after being approached by another body of believers in need of encouragement and discipleship in West Seattle, we began our West Seattle Expression in 2015. Additionally, in 2015, a group of Hallows' members on the north end of Seattle began asking the question of what it might look like to establish a new expression of the church in that part of the city. After much prayer, the group eventually gathered together for the first time at King's Schools in February 2017 as our North Seattle Expression. The Hallows Church is one church that gathers in three locations (referred to as "expressions") -- all enjoying a shared vision, values and relational connections.