Multiplying the Gospel


We multiply the gospel in two fundamental, inseparable ways: 1) Gospel-Driven Disciple Making and 2) Gospel-Driven Church Planting.

Gospel-driven disciple making undergirds everything we do as a company of Christ-followers called The Hallows Church. The process seeks to establish penetrative and pervasive gospel affections in people’s lives. The goal is not simply to see people believe the gospel but to cultivate a heartfelt appreciation for and a consistent application of the gospel in day-to-day life. The gospel is not merely the means by which a person enters into a relationship with God marked by love rather than wrath, redemption rather than rebellion, but is also the means by which a person comes to enjoy increasingly and to be changed progressively by that relationship. Penetrative and pervasive gospel affections enable Christians to worship God with humility, serve God with gladness, and obey God with holiness. Therefore, gospel-driven disciple-making aims at helping people process and approach all of life through the reality of having been reconciled to God through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Gospel-driven disciple-making emphasizes not only the vertical sphere of how a person worships, serves, and obeys God, but also the horizontal sphere of how a person sees and serves other people. Through the gospel, we are reconciled to God and to other people. Gospel-driven disciple-making shatters earthly approaches to people manipulated by external criteria. Gospel-driven disciples see all people as candidates for reconciliation and serve all people with compassion regardless of the smell of their skin, style of their clothing, size of their bank account, or status in society because we believe, in some way, Christ “died for all” (2 Cor. 5:15).

The simple process of gospel-driven disciple making leads naturally to the significant process of gospel-driven church planting. As we multiply the gospel through our lives, we also multiply the gospel through our church by planting churches across Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and the globe. Therefore, we are committed to a process of identifying, equipping, and commissioning God-called planters/pastors and team members.