There's plenty of opportunities to serve at The Hallows Church. Below you'll find a list of some of the specific needs, as well as a contact form to use to connect with us when you're ready to get involved!

Immediate and Intermittent Ways to Serve: 

  • Missional Community Service Opportunities: Each Missional Community prayerfully dreams up ways in which they can utilize their time, talents, treasures, and spiritual gifts in service to their neighbors throughout the city of Seattle. Contact a Missional Community near you to learn how they are serving the city.

Constant and Consistent Ways to Serve:

  • The Hallows Church Ministry Teams: If you are looking for a consistent way to serve at The Hallows Church, we encourage you to look at the teams we have in place already addressing certain needs. If you find a team that you have interest in joining, contact the listed main contact or fill out the form below.

Get Involved

Use the form below to tell us how you'd like to help serve!

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