Fremont Gathering // 4 p.m.

GATHERS WEEKLY to worship together on Sundays at 4 p.m. at 4900 Dayton Ave. N.

PARKING - There is street parking all around the Emmanuel Bible Church building, paid parking across the street at the Woodland Park Zoo Hippo lot (but free after zoo hours), and also free and abundant parking just 3 blocks down N. 50th St at the Woodland Park Parking Lot (east side of 99 N and north side of 50th St. by Whitman Ave.). We also will have a Kids and Handicap drop-off spot in front of the worship gathering doors at 4900 Dayton Ave. N. See map below for more info.

MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES - In addition to gathering for worship on Sundays in one of our three expressions (including Fremont), we seek to grow in loving Christ completely and people compassionately through participating in Missional Communities. These groups meet in homes from Renton to Edmonds on a weekly basis rotating through intentional nights of fellowship, study, and service. The groups are open, and you are more than welcome to jump in at any time, meet some new friends, and begin sharing life with others in the church.  For more information on the rhythm of missional communities or to find one to join, check out our Missional Community page.  

KIDS MINISTRY - Children are welcome to participate in the Sunday gatherings with their parents/guardians or to participate in our Kids Ministry designed for children 2 months-old through 5th grade. We use the Gospel Project curriculum to creatively engage children with the story of redemption & to empower parents to disciple their kids through additional take-home resources. All volunteers are excited to be part of providing a safe, fun, and gospel-centered experience for your children and are trained and background-checked.